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Hi, I’m Maya.

I’m a college student from Arkansas studying English & film at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. I blog here at MayaFleming.com to help other students and young professionals navigate their transition to adulthood with life & wellness advice.

I started my first blog in ninth grade, and I posted pictures of my outfits and wrote about style and beauty tips, on The Metallic Lady and The Polka Dot. As trends changed and I got older, I started to focus more on how a great outfit or perfect brows made me feel, rather than the specific pieces. I thought if I could capture the feeling that a powerful red lip gave me and feel it whenever I woke up, then I would have found the key to life. Now, my main objective is to focus on those feelings and  to pursue them through manifestation, mental wellness, and, of course, self-care. Here at MayaFleming.com you can find posts  that empower, promote wellness, and help you practice meaningful self-care. Basically, it’s everything you’ll need on your transition to adulthood.

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If you would like more information about collaborations and sponsorships, or if you would like to request a media kit, email me at contact@mayafleming.com. Note for any collaborations: I am currently in Sydney, Australia until July.


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