Protecting Natural Hair in the Winter

Winter is here, and while that may make for great fashion, it also can mean bad news for your hair. I’m back on my hair growth journey after my second big chop, so I’m working hard to keep my hair flourishing this winter. Here are 3 tips for protecting natural hair in the winter.


Ways to Protect your Natural Hair this Winter

Protective styling

During the cold weather months, protective styling is a great way to helpyou’re your hair. Whether you decide to try out a braiding style or to rock a bun more often, the ends of your hair should be protected. Now, I’m not huge on protective styling myself. I love my curls, and I like seeing them every day. However, I try to devote a few weeks, at least, to protective styling, so my hair isn’t exposed all through the season. My favorite low-commitment protective styles are crochet braids (easy and quick to install) and halo braids (can come down at the end of the day).


In winter, hair generally dries out as the weather gets colder. Curly hair is already pretty dry, so it is important to keep hair and scalps moisturized during the cold season. I try to oil my scalp at least twice a week, and I spray my hair with a mixture of water and leave-in conditioner. If your hair is out, moisturizing is even more important. Also, your regular conditioning product might not be enough for the winter, so don’t be afraid to switch out your products for November-March (or whenever winter weather comes your way).

Avoiding Rough Fabrics & Materials

Dry hair and friction don’t go well together, so this winter, try to avoid direct contact between your hair and any rough scarves, beanies, or sweaters. Even something that feels extremely soft to you may be too rough for your hair, so be careful in order to avoid breakage. A good hack I like to use is wearing a satin bonnet under my hats, so my hair doesn’t rub against the knits all day. It also saves you time in the morning because you don’t have to take down any protective style you’ve got under your bonnet. Just make sure that your beanie stays on all day to avoid looking like (insert meme here).


How are you protecting your hair this season? If you have any other tips, help a girl out, and write it in the comments! For more natural hair tips and inspiration, follow my natural hair Pinterest board!

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