Fall & Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Let me start by saying that I absolutely detest cold weather. However, I do enjoy the fashion that comes out of the fall and winter seasons, and I love the feelings of coziness that it brings. There are few things better than the feeling of being wrapped in a chunky, oversized sweater with hot chocolate, lit candles, and The Santa Clause (one of my favorite Christmas movies, btw). Since I am terribly aware of the effect that a cozy winter wardrobe can have on your bank account, I rounded up some items that I consider to be fall & winter wardrobe essentials, and I’m sharing them in this post along with some product ideas that I hand-picked for all of you from my favorite affordable stores.

Fall & Winter Wardrobe Essentials


Sweaters are my favorite part of fall and winter. I tend to purchase oversized options, but a nice cropped sweater with a pair of high-waisted jeans can really elongate your figure and add style to something that can easily become frumpy.

Pro tip: I gravitate towards neutral colors, but try a bold color or texture to add some holiday flair to your look!


Cardi’s are a good alternative to a sweater, and they add great variety to your wardrobe. They are also great for wearing around the house when you need to warm up a bit without putting on a whole sweater. A simple outfit of a pair of leggings and a tank can go a long way with the right cardigan.

Pro tip: Take a peek at your local thrift store for vintage finds. They’re always the best ones!


Booties are an effortless way to add some style to a laid-back, comfortable winter look. Play with prints and shapes, and don’t be afraid of booties because of a heel. You can get them without!

Pro tip: Pair with a pair of long, thick socks for an extra wintry feel.


Now, this one is a given, but I included it to encourage you all to try to push back against the generic winter coat. I’m someone very, very familiar with the Walmart winter coat, and I’m here to say that you can stay warm with stylish outerwear.

Pro tip: Try on any outerwear keeping in mind what you’ll be wearing underneath. You might need to size up.

Denim Jackets

If you live in a warmer climate or like layering your outerwear, try out some denim jackets! I wear my denim jacket year round, but this season I might try some faux fur lined pieces for an extra bit of warmth for my Arkansas winter.

Pro tip: Try a cooler toned denim or an acid wash for some winter edge!


Another one of my thrifting favorites, flannel is great for fall and winter. It’s perfect for layering, and the vibes are so fall.

Pro tip: Collect some different colors to have your wardrobe on lock!

Dark-Wash/Black Jeans

I always prefer darker toned denim, but I really think it’s great for fall and winter. Dark-wash and black denim matches well with other fall colors and the darkness adds drama for the season.

Pro tip: Play with material like the velvet jeans below!

Little Black Dress

With so many holiday parties on the horizon, a classic LBD is a must-have. Don’t feel limited with the color. While you could simply choose another, there are so many different silhouettes and materials to add variety, and black is just such a flattering color for most people.

Pro tip: Accessories can make the same dress perfect for your Christmas church service the best choice for NYE night plans with your pals.

Over-the-Knee Boots

OTK boots are one of my favorite things in my closet because they’re warm, stylish, and edgy. Any outfit becomes a “look” with a pair of OTK boots.

Pro tip: When you try on a pair of boots, walk around the store a bit to make sure they won’t slide down your leg throughout the day.


Scarves are another obvious option, but I really encourage you all to grab a few and make them the statement of your look. Scarves and other winter accessories can be used for more than just utility. They’re the cutest way to stay warm.

Pro tip: My favorite scarves came from Walmart last year, so don’t stick your nose up at certain stores.


There you have it, folks! Hopefully, find some inspiration for your fall and winter wardrobe, so you can kick winter’s butt this season. I’m linking an old video of mine featuring some fall looks, so watch it if you still need some inspo!


Talk soon,


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