Living Independently: What You Need to Know

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When you finally fly the nest and live alone for the first time in your life, it can be a daunting thing. Whether you are moving away to go to college or university, or simply renting a flat while you work at your career: living independently can take a while to get used to and you will likely need some tips to get you started.


Have a support network

The most important thing you can have when you first start to make your way in the world is a network of people who care for us and who will support us during this stage of our lives. Of course, your family will be at the centre of this network, and they might even teach you how to use the washing machine and how to maintain the appliances in your home, but it also extends beyond family. Friends are incredibly important to our lives and they will be the ones who will likely be in a similar situation or a little bit ahead of you. They can offer advice and make your life much easier.


Master your weaknesses

Now that you are living independently, there will be no one there to help you make the bed or cook you dinner, you will be responsible for everything in your home. It is crucial that you work on your domestic skills. Try watching Youtube videos on how to cook and how to clean certain things in your home. You might make mistakes at first, but eventually you will nail these skills and be able to live as a more functional adult.


Learn to cook

The temptation to order a takeaway every night when you have the freedom to is almost too much to bear, however, you cannot sustain that way of living for long. It is expensive and it will make you feel incredibly ill. The most crucial skill you can learn when living alone is how to feed yourself. Take some time to really try and learn how to cook. It might take you a while and a few burnt pancakes, but by being able to cook simple dishes for yourself you will save money and stay healthy.


Balance your money

Money is something which will become a central focus in your life once you reach adulthood. You will need to start budgeting for food, cosmetics, household items plus anything else you want to buy. If you struggle to start with you can look at the best credit cards for college students to get you off your feet.


Learn to balance your schedule

Learning how to do everything you need to during a day can be tricky, especially if it includes chores which you never had to do before. Finding the time do clean your home, do the washing up and laundry amongst everything else can be hard at first, but you will eventually reach a point where you have a specific time each week devoted to each task, and your life will be much easier as a result.





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