How to Get into the Habit of Daily Journaling

Daily journaling is a new habit of mine that is so helpful for reflection and personal growth. As much as I love it, it took me years to make it an established part of my daily routine. Here a few tips on how I achieved it. If you would prefer to watch a video instead, I included it above.

Get into the Habit of Journaling

Choose your Medium

First, you need to figure out which way you prefer to journal. For me, my favorite method is paper & pen, but it could be different for you. Would you rather type on a keyboard? Take some time to figure that out. It is really important that you find what you are most comfortable with, so you’ll be more likely to carry out your journaling goals.

Find a time and a space

You have to choose a time that works best within your schedule for your journaling. Try to journal at the same time each day to really cement the habit. You also need to choose a space to journal in each day. It should be a place you are truly comfortable in, so you can feel at ease and ready to open up to full expression. Try out some different areas to see what works better for you.

Find prompts & topics

If you’re like me, then you may need some extra help in getting the motor running for journaling. I love looking for prompts via Pinterest (check out my board here) or Google. I also brainstorm prompts for myself often, so I’ll always have something to write about. To get prompts sent to your inbox, sign up here. I also have a blog post of prompts. If you already have plenty to write about, then have at it! You’re all set.


In other words…

Journaling is an important part of mental wellness because it helps you to reflect and to grow day to day. If journaling is difficult at first, that is perfectly okay, but I challenge you to continue to push yourself to new limits and to trust your emotions with yourself. You’ll be very impressed with the progress you make if you really try your best.


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