4 Alternative Self-Care Ideas

You might have read that title and thought, “What is alternative self-care?” I’m SO happy you asked. Alternative self-care is what I like to call tasks or self-care methods that ensure pleasure for the future, even if they don’t give you pleasure right away. Things that make Future You smile is alternative self-care. In today’s blog post, I’ve got four alternative self-care ideas for you.

4 Alternative Self-Care Ideas

Pay off your debt

Go ahead and pay a little extra off of your credit card debt. You’ll feel so much better even if it means you have to cook your own dinner for a couple of extra nights. You’ll have one less thing to worry about, and that’s a major plus.


Meal plan

Meal planning can be time consuming and a bit annoying, but so is coming home after a long day of class or work and having to cook dinner. Wouldn’t you much rather have it waiting for you already? Invest some extra time on a Sunday evening, so Future You won’t be hangry. You don’t want to be hangry.


Get your outfits together

I’m sure Future You would like some extra time to sleep in this week, so do yourself a favor by planning your outfits out the night before. You won’t have to spend time picking through a million outfits and leaving your room a mess before rushing out the door, and your day will start on a much better note.


Clean your space

There is nothing better than coming home to a clean and fresh home. Put in some extra time to tidy up after yourself when you leave a space, so you can enter a clean one later. Future You will feel so, so relaxed.


In other words…

Alternative self-care is just what you do to make Future You happy. Do you have any other alternative self-care ideas? Comment them down below. For more traditional self-care ideas, check out this post. Use the image below to share this post on Pinterest, and I’ll talk to all of you soon!



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