How to Have a Relaxing Bath⏤in the Shower

One of the (many) perks to being home from college is having access to a bathtub for all my aesthetically pleasing baths. I love to gather a pretty bath bomb and a cup of tea to sit in a million bubbles. I always thought it was next to impossible to have the same experience at school because I didn’t have a bathtub. However, whether you have a college bathroom or a small apartment without a tub, there are plenty of ways to have a relaxing shower instead.

How to Have a Relaxing Shower

Set the scene

Most of the reason baths are so relaxing is the vibe. You can create the same vibe for a shower by taking some time to set the scene beforehand. Clean your bathroom (including scrubbing your shower), organize your favorite products, and find some candles to light for the scent.

Shower playlist

Just like in the bath, you have to have the perfect music to go along with your shower. For a relaxing shower, my playlist mood is a little different than it is for a pre-class shower. I like to stay away from songs that get me too riled up (sorry, Cardi B.) and move towards tunes that keep me settled down. To listen to my relaxing shower playlist, check it out here.

Use shower melts

You may not be able to use bath bombs in the shower, but you can use a similar item: a shower melt. Shower melts are often infused with essential oils and work through the power of aromatherapy to destress or energize you. The difference scents can also be good to combat colds if you’re feeling under the weather. When you place a shower melt in the floor of the shower, the water and steam release the oils and scents. To find some recipes, I suggest that you search “shower melts” on Pinterest.

Use luxurious products

Take some time in during your relaxing shower to really treat yourself. Do a hair mask. Actually use shaving cream (if you shave). Exfoliate your skin in addition to cleansing. Use this time to really show your body some love. Maybe even take a trip to a Lush or another shop to find products to use for occasions such as this.

Be present

When I shower normally, I’m typically in a rush and trying to speed up the process. When you take a relaxing shower, use the time to truly be mindful. Take note of the feeling of water falling on you. Listen to the sounds around you. Just really be in the moment. We move so quickly all of the time, and there are few feelings I can think of that are better than warm water flowing through my hair. Enjoy it.

in other words…

Hopefully, you’re on your way to a nice night of relaxation, starting with your shower. Even without a tub, you can have the experience of a Tumblr-worthy bath. If you have any other tips, share them in the comments below! To save this post or share it with friends, use the image below to share it to Pinterest.


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