How to Create Your Own Self-Care Kit

When I decided that 2018 would be the year I focused on self-care and mental wellness, I did a bunch of research to help me reach my goal. One of the terms I kept seeing everywhere was “self-care kit.” As I learned more about how to put together a self-care kit, I saw the same things being suggested: bath bombs, face masks, nail polish, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love those things. However, when I think of things that feel like me, they aren’t the first things I think of. I want a self-care kit that has the Maya stamp on it, and are as personal and individual as I am. So, here are some tips I have for you on putting together your own self-care kit.

How to Create Your Own Self-Care Kit

Make a list of things that make you happy.

The first thing I do when I put together a self-care kit is write down anything that boosts my mood and makes me happy. Some of those things will be physical, like candles, a good book, candy, etc. Some will be more abstract feelings associated with different things such as childhood memories, my favorite music, or a tv show that I really enjoy. If you have any hobbies, write those down, too. Don’t worry about what “makes sense” at this point. Simply write down some things that make you smile.

What do you need for those things?

The next step I take is gathering supplies for each item on my list (or just my favorites). For the more physical pieces, it’ll be a little easier to do. For example, I can pick out a couple of my favorite scented candles and a McDonald’s gift card (for sweet tea & fries, of course). For the abstract items, photos serve really well, as do songs. Of course, for hobbies, you’d just gather the regular supplies, such as yarn and needles for crocheting or ingredients for your favorite recipe.

Store it.

My favorite thing about a self-care kit is that it becomes a sort of capsule that I’m excited to open. Take pride in the way you store it. Maybe decorate a box or container to fit everything or organize a file on your computer if your kit has mostly digital elements. Treat it like an actual treasure chest, and you’ll be even more excited about the contents inside. Check out your local TJ Maxx or Homegoods for nice containers, as well as things to put inside your kit!

in other words…

Hopefully, through this post you’ll see that your self-care kit doesn’t have to totally be face masks and materials for a mani-pedi. It can include whatever takes you to your happy place. The more time you take to know yourself, the better your kit will be, so really take time to decide what the very best things to go inside your capsule are. Also, be mindful that the contents may need to change over time. Barbie movies used to be the absolute move for me, but they aren’t so much now (maybe a little still 😅) What’s in your self-care kit? Let me know in the comments. Share this post with a friend via social media and/or using the Pinterest image below.

Talk soon!


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