Avoid Feeling Lost in Your Daily Routine

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In today’s episode of Maya Monday, we are talking about ways to avoid being on autopilot and feeling lost in your daily routine. Check out the video below, or read the summary points.

Avoid Feeling Lost in Your Daily Routine

Break up Your Routine

Try something new or different from your daily routine to gain a new perspective & shake things up.

Be Present

If you don’t already, try out meditation to get some practice being “in the moment.” I like using the Headspace app.

Be Appreciative

Learn to appreciate every positive thing that happens in your life, big or small. It’ll show you that every day is new and help you practice gratitude.


in other words…

It is easy to feel burned out after a while, but hopefully, with these tips you can hang on a little longer. Take time to yourself, and don’t let your goals absolutely consume you. Your wellbeing is the most important thing. If you liked this episode share it via social media, or use the Pinterest image below.

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