How I Really Feel about the Law of Attraction

About a year ago, a friend recommended that I watch the movie, The Secret. I am a huge self-motivated goal-setter with great visions of success, so I was excited to see something that would fuel that even further. After watching it for the first time, I was obsessed with it, and I felt like I attracted some really cool stuff (including meeting one of my favorite celebrities!). A year went by, and though I still followed the tenets of the law, it wasn’t as clear as it was before. I decided to rewatch the movie, and to put it shortly, I had thoughts. I’ll share them down below.

how I really feel about the law of attraction

It’s a bit tone deaf

Maybe I should attribute this to the movie rather than the law itself, but listening to the experts talk about how gay people faced discrimination and violence because they attracted this rubbed me all the wrong way and upset me. Interpreting the law of attraction that way blames victims of inequity, violence, discrimination, and all other injustices. It is unfair to excuse the systems we have in place and expect the victims to simply will themselves out of their conditions. Also, imagine being a member of the working class listening to millionaires tell you that you aren’t rich because you don’t want it badly enough. I really wish the movie pushed for a group effort for the privileged to raise up others past simply telling people about The Secret, but we know that doesn’t happen, don’t we?

It’s nothing new to me

A lot of people I’ve spoken with about the law of attraction discard it as a “magical” millennial obsession, like astrology (something else I love, BTW). However, there is nothing new about the law or it’s concept. For me, growing up in the Christian church made me very familiar with the idea. The law echoes the teachings of faith and prayer that I learned as a child. My first time watching The Secret, I immediately thought of James 4:2, which includes, “Ye have not, because ye ask not,” and one of my favorite gospel songs, which is titled, “Expect the Great.” The law of attraction is an idea that spans across many different cultures and centuries, and it is so interesting to see how we, as a people, are obsessed with the idea of having our hearts’ desires fulfilled.

It’s invigorating

Whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, there is something so energizing about believing you can have whatever you want in life. The act of writing out your desires as goals and visualizing them as if they are already yours is motivating. Over the holiday break, I spent days journaling about how I wanted a new camera. I visualized what I would do with my camera, and I told people my plans for content and blogging as if the camera was already mine. When I did receive the camera a few days later, that wasn’t even the biggest part. It was the fact that I had a whole list of plans to carry out with my new camera, and I knew exactly what its purpose was before it was ever in my hands. I didn’t let the fact that I didn’t have a camera stop me from making plans. Even if you choose not to honor the law, set goals and live your life without letting a missing puzzle piece keep you from what is yours. Everything will come together as long as you’re prepared to receive it. Know what you want, believe it is yours, and watch life amaze you.

in other words…

The law of attraction is something that has really interested me for about a year, and I’m happy that I took time to revisit the concept from the beginning. I truly recommend you give The Secret a watch if you’re looking for motivation in your life. There is no reason why you are unworthy of the things you want in life. Believe they are for you, and live your life accordingly. If you liked this post, share it via social media, or use the Pinterest-enabled image below.


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