3 Morning Habits that Transformed my Day

I love mornings. There is something really serene about the day when it is just beginning, and I love to experience it. That doesn’t mean that I am immune to morning crankiness or inefficiency, though. Throughout the past few months, I have been trying different ways to make my mornings easier and run more smoothly. In today’s post, I am sharing 3 good habits to start your morning.

Good Habits to Start Your Morning

waking up earlier

Recently, I have been waking up every morning at 5 am. I don’t have class until 10 am most days, so now I have a lot of extra time to get ready, eat breakfast, and catch up on work. Of course, this requires me to go to bed earlier, but it works because I sleep during the time that previously I would have wasted scrolling through Twitter. Then, with the time I gain, I can be productive. It saves me from going to class grumpy because I have time to ease into the morning.


Don’t be confused, I’ve always showered. I just did it before bed. However, I found that morning showers work best for me since it wakes me up a bit. Also, it’s a small way to pamper myself before the day starts. In addition to all of that, I get to go out with fresh hair, and I feel better about myself.


Meditation is something that I tried to do years ago but didn’t keep up. Recently, I recommitted, and I am so happy that I did. It’s great to use when I need a refresh, and I definitely consider it one of my good habits to start my day. I use the app Headspace for easy meditation packs, and I typically to the 10 minute version (though I will do 15-20 minutes on weekends). Meditating before class helps me because I can focus my energy and remind myself throughout the day to “flash” the exercises whenever I find my mind drifting. It comes in handy when my professors are going on and on about something I’m not interested in.

in other words…

Mornings are my favorite time of day, and I am always searching for ways to make them better. Waking up earlier, showering in the morning, and meditating have all made immense differences in my day, and I recommend them as good habits to start your morning. What are your favorite morning habits? Let me know in the comment section down below.

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