Saving Money for Post-Grad Life

Hey everyone, today we are talking about how much money you should have saved for post graduate life!

I’m about a year away from graduation, so I’m trying my best to make sure that I am prepared when that time comes. To do so, I’m starting to save money for my post-grad life. The issue is how much do I save? If you remember my college budgeting video, then you might recall the 50/20/30 method with suggests saving 20% of your monthly income (at least 10% is good, too). If you find it easier to save with a specific object or number in mind (me too), you might want to sit down and figure out some expenses. How do you do that? What the latest episode of Maya Monday to find out.

Saving money for post graduate life

Here are some resources as mentioned in the video to get your research started. Remember to keep your options open for different career paths. Even if you are pursuing a degree that seems to funnel directly into a specific career, consider other options. Do research to find average salaries in different locations. Look up housing costs and what goes along with that (i.e. utilities, parking, garbage fees). Is you dream path for post graduate life realistic? If it doesn’t seem like it, don’t be discouraged! It just means your mindset needs to switch. Anything you want is possible; you just have to be strategic in your choices.



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Do you have any money saved up for post graduate life? Comment down below whether you are simply collecting money here and there or if you have a set savings goal. How did you determine that goal? Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and share the video with someone else!

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