Is Your Blog’s Homepage Interesting Enough?

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Blogging can take a lot of time and effort out of your day. It’s something you have to pay attention to on a regular basis, if you want to see any kind of results on a business or hobby level, and you’re going to need to always keep your niche in mind when coming up with content to pad your categories out. And when you’re just starting out in the blogging world, you’re going to come across quite a few challenges.

And one of the main challenges is going to be user retention. You notice the people who visit your site, fledgling as it is, don’t tend to stay around for long – it’s frustrating, and you deserve a much better pay off for the hard work you do! So let’s take a look at your blog’s homepage, and consider whether it’s interesting enough to draw people in.

Is Your Blog's Homepage Interesting Enough?

How are your analytics looking? Maybe they’ve got quite a bit to do with your blog’s looks… (Image)

Keep it Simple

Simple, yet interesting? Aren’t those terms the opposite of each other? Well, in the online world, not exactly. Interesting is the colours you use, the fonts you employ, the images you line up, the captions you try to be witty with, and all the links you provide to quality content right at the user’s fingertips! But you want these options to be simple, set out in a clear and concise way, and to never overload someone who’s visiting you for the first time.

So first of all, make sure your layout flows. You want it to read from left to right within the ever popular ‘F’ pattern, and to rarely stray from this design choice. Not to mention any colours you use need to be soft enough to keep strain from the eyes, yet strong enough to brighten the page and allow people to focus on them. It’s a delicate balance!

Have Some Personal Touches

Aesthetics are very important when it comes to first impressions, so you’re going to need to make sure you’ve got graphic design in mind when sketching out the plan for your homepage. Maybe you’ve got the outline down on a bit of paper, but what about the finishing touches? Are you going to use your own photographs, or add in your own hand drawn images? They can really help to boost your ratings you know!

One of the best ways to be graphic about your blog goals is to come up with your logo by yourself, draw it out, colour it in and make it complete, and then publish it on your site to really bring the whole homepage together. Don’t worry, Training Connection has plenty of classes for you to take concerning plans like this – you don’t need any prior experience down the photoshop way to be an effective graphic designer for your blog!

Your blog’s homepage could probably do with a little more work, but with tips like these, that couldn’t be easier to manage!


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Is Your Blog's Homepage Interesting Enough?


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