Should You Have A Duvet Day?

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Did you still feel slightly sleepy and lethargic when your alarm went off this morning? Perhaps you might be better off staying in bed for a bit longer, or even getting wrapped up in your duvet on the sofa downstairs. You might really benefit from taking a duvet day!

Did you know that some companies let their employees take a set number of duvet days each year? These are days that can be taken off at the last minute, even if the worker isn’t ill. Studies show that they can benefit the employee and the business, as it gives the individual the chance to recuperate and return to work the next day feeling a lot more refreshed and ready for action. Even if you aren’t allowed to take a duvet day from work, you can still enjoy them at the weekends.



Think it’s time you had one? Here are some signs that it might be the best thing for you to do!


Feeling Under The Weather

Do you feel like you might be coming down with something? If so, it probably is a good idea for you to do not much throughout the day. Wrapping yourself up in a cozy duvet could be just the ticket as it will help you nap, which is just what your body will need to strengthen its immune system and fight any nasty germs or bacteria that might be making you feel under the weather!



Recovering From An Injury

It’s also a good day to have an easy day if your body is recovering from an injury. You will need to rest up the injured body part to ensure it heals as quickly as possible. While you are relaxing under your duvet, you might also want to consult information and advice from a personal injury attorney if this accident was caused by someone else. A duvet time is the perfect time to take care of this kind of admin and consider making a compensation claim.


Helps To Decrease Stress

How stressed are you at the minute? If you feel like life is always getting on top of you, it could be worth taking a duvet day so that you can chill out and relax a bit. Stress and anxiety can be incredibly hard to deal with, but the best way to battle them is to follow some self-care. And there is no better way to indulge in self-care then by having a duvet day and doing absolutely nothing!


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Improve Your Energy Levels

Lots of people also take a duvet day if they feel like they need to recharge their batteries. You’ll be able to take a few naps to get your energy levels back up, and doing nothing isn’t going to exert you and your body too much. I’m sure you will wake up the following day feeling ready to go again!

Now there is just one question left to answer – which movies or TV shows should you watch when snuggled up under your duvet?!

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