How To Use Jewelry To Boost Your Style

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It’s no secret that we all want to look good, because when we look good we feel good. However, it’s not always possible to purchase new clothes – sometimes your budget prevents you from being able to do this, othertimes you lack space for any new items of clothing. A high number of women are now opting to create capsules wardrobes – small wardrobes made up of a combination of clothing that can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways – which helps to make reducing the over-purchasing of clothing easier.

However, when it comes to your sense of style, if you’re not able to purchase new items of clothing, it’s not always easy to stay on trend. The issue is that trends change constantly, which means that there are always new clothes available, but when you don’t have the money, time or space to purchase these new items, it can be difficult to ensure that you remain on trend. That is where accessories, such as jewelry come into things.

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Jewelry isn’t just something to decorate yourself with for celebratory occasions, it can also be worn on a day-to-day basis as a method of boosting your sense of style. Wondering how you can go about using jewelry in this way – then have a read of these useful tips!


Wear a statement necklace

Want to update any look? The answer is to team it with a ‘larger than life’ necklace that is bold and beautiful, and most importantly, makes a statement. You would be amazed at the potential that a necklace has to change an outfit – once you’ve team a look with a statement piece, it will never look the same without it. Whether it’s a simple piece of costume jewelry or you purchase a piece with real diamonds from specialists like Blue Nile – to learn more about what this kind of brands does, you can read a Blue Nile review. Can’t afford real diamonds? Don’t worry, you can always opt for a less expensive gemstone instead!


Bling up your fingers

Don’t forget that your fingers deserve some bling. If you don’t already wear rings, now is the time to start. Adding a couple of rings to each hand is an ideal way to add a little extra ‘bling’ to any look, as although rings might be seen as being ‘unnoticeable jewelry’ they’re a great addition to any look and can have a bigger impact than you might realise.


Pop jewlery on top

When it comes to teaming jewlry with an outfit, have you ever considered putting a piece of jewelry on top of an item of clothing? Bracelets and cuffs can be worn on top of clothing, especially on top of simple clothing and can have a great impact on the look that you create. Whether it’s a bracelet or cuff, or even placing a necklace over the top of a high-necked top can look extremely smart and stylish and can add a whole other layer to a look.


Up your earring game

Whether you have one earring piercing or multiple earring piercings, a great way to add an extra level to any look is with the use of strategically choosen earrings. Look for earrings that have the potential to add dramatic affect to your look – think extra striking and oversized deisgns. The cuter and quirkier the better in this instance.

When it comes to adding styling to your look, jewelry could be one of the best ways to go about doing so. The more creative you are willing to be with your jewelry, the better.

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